These days there’s no excuse for having bare walls in your home.  You can find fun and affordable art on the internet, at flea markets and even from your child’s backpack.  Art can be done on any medium and in any style.  And as long as it appeals to you and generates some sort of emotion, it’s worth investing in.

Graphic, bold prints are a great way to start.

Girl with a Beach Ball by Roy Lichtenstein is a classic that is housed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Luckily for us, prints can also be purchased either framed or unframed for a nominal cost.

San Francisco-based fine artist, Jorey Hurley, creates fun, cartoon-like digital prints that capture nature at its best such as her Swimming Pool Water.

Her String of Lights is reminiscent of a late summer beach barbecue

San Diego-based Orange & Park create graphic versions of the best surf spots up and down the California coast including their clever California Coastal Counties print.

Try a similar modern typographic look by Ork Posters who visually recreate what they call “the most beautiful city neighborhood posters” in various bright colors like this one of Los Angeles.

CAPow illustrates maps and geography featuring each county’s name in the right place and shape of that county.  Love this one of California.  Prints are also customizable!

Add a little sparkle to your home with multi media art by Camomile Hixon, a New York-based pop artist who works in large scale glitter art.  If you live in Los Angeles (and you’ve misplaced your invitation to the Grammies this weekend), starting Sunday, February 12, you can see her work firsthand at her new exhibit at Frank Pictures in Santa Monica.

Jeff Canham’s art may look like it appeals to the younger crowd but his whimsical play on words and images would work in a kitchen, bedroom or family room.  He created a  special series of flags and pennants for the Standard Hotel.  According to them, “each represents a different letter of the alphabet, referencing traditional nautical flags in the artist’s distinctive graphic style.”

And Cat Studio makes embroidered dish towels and other textiles such as this one of the Hawaiian Islands that could be framed and used as art.

Their playful take on famous beach towns such as the Hamptons and other destinations remind us of the long days of summer and a blackberry-less, iphone-less vacation.

Remember those days?


mayafrau · February 11, 2012 at 6:53 pm

love, love, love all these especially hawaii and california designs.

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