Bohemian: (n) a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

Anyone who chooses to live by the beach certainly has a bit of wanderlust in them and surrounds themselves with treasures from their travels (or at least they try to look like they do.)  If you want to distance yourself from the rest of the pack, mix your worldly possessions with some of these cool finds for the ultimate bohemian beach bungalow.

Laguna Beach, Calif.-based designer Kerry Cassill was “drawn to the colorful and eclectic Indian prints she discovered throughout the markets of Paris, and followed them to their origins in India where she began developing her own signature look,” according to her website  Her exotic beachy fabrics are blockprinted in a variety of ethnic and colorful patterns which can be found throughout her line of bedding, pillows, curtains, tablecloths and even clothes.

The summer 2012 collection features black and purple ikat, turquoise and persimmon fans and grey and navy stripes among other interesting patterns that can be made into whatever your beach home desires.

Find these global-inspired items in hip boutiques including New York’s ABC Home and Carpet.  But the best place to check out her line firsthand is a visit to Lala, the flagship store in her laid-back home town, Laguna Beach.  Kerry’s motto?  “One part clouds, two parts sunshine, wish you were here.”  Ain’t that the truth.

While this woven seagrass pendant looks like something picked up in Bali, you can get one like this at West Elm here in the States.  Spray painting it white or turquoise blue will give it some edge.  Be traditional and use it in the dining room or be a warrior and put it over the bed.  Just try it.

Find an interesting shade like this Australian postcard one picked up on sale last year at Anthropologie and attach it to a hanging lamp kit to make your own custom pendant.

A french wingback chair takes on a unconventional look when upholstered in a blue striped grainsack.  This one comes courtesy of Wisteria.

Painted white floors like these in maternity queen Liz Lange’s Westchester home designed by Jonathan Adler make an unexpected entrance and set the stage for bright accessories and furniture.  Photo courtesy of House Beautiful.

Blaze a trail by crafting your own message with graphic art like these electric signs from West Vintage Trading Company on etsy.

You really are a bohemian.  You just didn’t know it.


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