There’s nothing that says summer better than a good old-fashioned porch.  Except a modern one.  If the outside of your home doesn’t quite match the beauty of the inside, rest assured there are a few simple steps to creating some coastal curb appeal without breaking the bank.

1. Try painting the front door.

A nice front door makes a strong first impression and is a good indicator of what lies inside.  A sunny yellow front door equals a sunny house.  Right?  Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.

tangerine orange french front door lets an abundance of light in.  Photo courtesy of Flickr

This lime green door has a bit of country cottage charm but makes a modern statement with its bold color.  Photo courtesy of Coastal Living magazine.

2.  Let the ocean breeze come in via a dutch door which allows the creatures to stay out but the fresh air to come in.

Photo courtesy of Coastal Living

Or keep it simple with a white dutch door.  Photo courtesy of Jones Pierce Architects.

3.  Update the old porch furniture with a modern twist by adding a porch swing and finally invite the neighbors over. 

Make sure to upholster it in a bright beachy outdoor fabric like pink.  Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

Or a tropical style like this hanging daybed perfect for a Saturday afternoon nap from  Lots of pillows in contrasting patterns are a great design element.

3.  Get rid of those 1970s floral house numbers and update your hardware.

These Richard Neutra-inspired numbers are symbolic of his progressive design style and would make any home appear to be just as modern on the inside.

Why not have some fun with it and try these colored numbers by Modern Dwell Numbers.

4.  Add new lighting.  

While aesthetically pleasing, don’t forget that outdoor lighting serves an important function of helping to keep strangers away and allowing you to find the all-important key hole after a late night.

Here’s a clever one that’s a DIY project from The Art of Doing Stuff.

For a Mexican vibe try this white cylinder sconce from Form + Function.

Who says a hanging pendant should just be for the interior? Use one to add some more light when you need it.  Photo courtesy of 3.bp.blogspot

5.  Populate your porch with potted plants.

Palms and grasses from this Redondo Beach home create a tropical entryway.

Potted succulents mixed with palms are typical in Southern California and are drought-resistant so you’ll save money on the watering.

In fact if you have the room, a succulent garden with its underwater appearance makes a whole lot of sense.  Photo courtesy of Succulent Gardens in Castroville, CA.

Just be sure the neighbors catch a clue when its time to go because they may never want to leave.  Happy Memorial Day.

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