You may not realize it but numbers define us.  From our phone number and address to our age, they play a big role in our everyday lives.  So why not have a little fun and play up these descriptive digits in an aesthetically pleasing and graphic way in your home.

Poster courtesy of Pop Heart Press

Numbered doors take on a nautical look and feel at the recently opened sustainable seafood joint the Optimist in Atlanta.

The Surf Lodge in Montauk figured our a clever way to number their rooms in a lifeguard tower-style.

Tower 6B on Oahu’s Waimanolo Beach courtesy of UCSB.

Fun needlepoint pillows from Jessie D’Angelo

Fresh off the sailboat, these numbered pillows from Wisteria look like they are made from authentic sailcloth.  Find similar versions from Reiter8 on Etsy.

Coastal modern Tower 23 in San Diego feels an affinity to the number 23 thanks to its proximity to the local guard tower on Pacific Beach.

Breakfast time is much more fun with these stencilled bowls from Wisteria. offers a tutorial on how to do it yourself.

Serve the Frosted Flakes up with milk in this classic white ceramic milk jug from House of Fraser.

Better organize your entryway with this great idea from the queen of stencilling, Martha Stewart.

Create a collection with vintage bottles over the fireplace or in the kitchen courtesy of iDiY.

There’s too many great ideas to count them all. What’s your favorite number?


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