Our neighbor to the south undoubtedly has a big influence on our taste for carne asada and margaritas but Mexican culture also has inspired our desire for bright colors and a fiesta attitude.  From Baja to Oaxaca, Mexico’s stunning beaches and  beautiful white stucco architecture make a great backdrop for the amazing textiles, pottery and decor that come from this diverse country.  Here are a few unique designs that incorporate a modern take on traditional Mexican design.

Mexican party banners courtesy of the haystack needle.

Mexican blanket reupholstered stool courtesy of OMG (old made good)

Upholstered chair in New York’s Crosby Street Hotel lobby.  Photo courtesy of cococozy.com

Brilliantly colored textiles from Lemlem which first became popular as scarves and tunics carried by retailers including J Crew, are reminiscent of Mexican blankets.  Liya Kebed, a former actress and model, created her company Lemlem in 2007 to help support traditional weavers in her native country of Ethiopia who were losing their jobs due to economic hardship in their country.  Lemlem means to flourish or bloom in Amharic.

Zoza blanket

Doko pillows

The Otomi Indians from the Mexican state of Hidalgo hand embroider beautiful textiles featuring flora and fauna said to come from ancient cave drawings.  Fabric manufacturers now replicate these into brightly color fabric that are showing up in bedding, furniture and even as art.  Photo courtesy of coco + kelly.

Otomi upholstered chairs courtesy of Brisbane, Australia-based interior designer Black and Spiro

Otomi pillows and wall hanging courtesy of New York City-based architecture and interior design practice Ashe and Leandro

Multi color otomi bedspread from tabletonic.com

Confetti Mexican glassware from Orion Design

Ariba Mexico!


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